It is as an Pageant, Fashion foundation providing Platform to young talented models through Beauty Pageants, Fashion shows, and many other fashion events.Over the years we are planning to create a unique platform to Indian models to represent India in international platform. Team Beauty India has Fashion icons, Experienced fashion event coordinators etc. We further pride ourselves with our team of dedicated & professional event managers & consultants, supported by a Team of competent & dedicated hosts.

Our Vision

There He / She is Miss /Mr/Mrs Neurosurgeon, Miss/Mr/Mrs Social Activist, Miss/Mr/Mrs Jet Pilot, Miss/Mr/Mrs Investigative Journalist, Miss/Mr/Mrs CEO… Miss Whatever-He/She-Was-Created-To-Be. And yes, She is beautiful, He is handsome. Beautiful/Handsome in the way He/She is smart, principled and passionate. Stunning in how He/She leads, commands a room and makes an impact. Striking in her genuineness, fearlessness and ability to take there influence and use it to impact the world. Never guided in what society deems He/She ‘should do’ but forever driven by what He/She ‘can do’. He/She has the confidence an skills, and is empowered to make it happen. There He/She is. Miss/Mr/Mrs India Face. No wonder He/She has a crown. He/She rules.

A leap into the women future.
In step with the past.

It’s a new era and Miss/Mrs India Face is evolving. The new competition reflects a greater inclusiveness, giving more women the opportunity to earn scholarships and compete for the job of Miss/Mrs India Face, to make a difference in their communities, states and beyond. But what will never change? A great history of empowering women and the extraordinary group of smart, talented individuals vying for the job.

Mamta Sharma

This Beauty India Org. is giving a gift to our talented Male & Female a unique opportunity to emulate the Independent, vibrant and confident Indian men, women & girls.

Kamakshi Kaushik

Life is about adventure and putting the extra bit of efforts. This pageant come for our beautiful/handsome to brought them one step closer to see the real life and learn to fight for them and became a proud women/men for india and thier family.

Sarita Sharma

I had grown up watching so many local pageants. But Beauty India Org. presenting Miss/Mr/Mrs India Face is completely a unique platform and experience for the new generation, they will learn a lot and gain very valuable skills throughout this show.


Why Enter ?

Because you can

Gain valuable experience and develop life skills (e.g. interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social interaction, etc.)
Find new interests and discover new opportunities
Make lifelong friendships and relationships
Learn to set goals, follow them through and exceed your expectations
Develop a sense of responsibility for helping others
Foster a positive, self-motivated mindset to achieve your goals
Receive recognition for your efforts in bettering yourself and your community

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